About Us

The Family business was originally started by Frank's mother Mary in 1960's. The business steadily grew throughout the years, working on many different market stalls across the North West of England.

Mary's children Frank and Marion started to help their mother on the various stalls when they both left school. Getting haberdashery to the masses on the various market stalls that they sold the stock on.

After getting married Marion and her husband stayed close to home by serving the people of Rochdale/Heywood, whereas Frank took the family business across Manchester.

Frank's main stall was on Newton Heath Market, the stall was on the market for over 50 years. On the weekend his children Michael, Julie and of course Michelle, who is heading the business today, helped out assisting their father delivering haberdashery to the North West people.

In 1990's Michelle decided to stop her career in insurance to grow the business further and started her own stall on Radcliffe market and finally Bury where the market stall is located today.

Frank who is now retired and is 83 years old still comes down to the market to help out his daughter as he can't get enough of haberdashery !! (More like wife Maureen cant live with him at home every day).

Our Market stall is currently set on the Outdoor Bury Market and has been here for over 20 years ! Now our services are available online 24 hours a day delivered straight to your home. We pride ourselves on offering a vast range of craft, sewing accessories and haberdashery at competitive prices.